Radiate His Light

Turning To Mary

September 8, 2020

by Emily Lattouf, MSCL Postulant (pictured with her siblings)
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Turning to Mary in times of trouble is a lesson I learned from my earliest youth. One of the lullabies my mother would sing is the hymn, “We Run for Protection.” This Marian hymn was a source of great comfort to her during the civil war in Lebanon. My mother told us that whenever there was a bombing near the school, the Sisters would gather the children into the chapel and they would sing this hymn asking the Blessed Mother’s intercession. When my father fled the civil war and came to America as a young boy of ten, he brought with him a picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Jesus teaches us that we can depend on Mary to be with us when we are experiencing crosses in our life. Christ looking down from the cross saw His mother standing beneath and I am sure this brought Him great comfort. Our Blessed Mother is with us and for us, she brings us comfort and consolation. My parents held fast to this and passed it on to me.

Mary knows and understands our pain. We can turn to her and rest assured that she will take care of us. Mary carries our needs in her heart to the foot of the Cross of Christ. Our crosses may not disappear, but our Mother is walking the road to Calvary with us and she will lead us to her Son who is the Resurrection and Life.

Mary be a mother to us now. Our Lady of Lebanon pray for us.

Hymn to Mary

We run for protection to you

Mary, we come to you for aid.
We implore you turn not away
Mother who must be obeyed.

Perfection of the pure
Mother undefiled.
By your merit plead for us,
let us know your Child.

Mary Heaven’s gate
Mother of our Lord
Through you source of all our hope
Guiding light has poured.

Look down upon us all
serving faithfully
We implore your help and care
at our Mother’s knee.