About Us

Our Mission

Our goal as Maronite Servants of Christ the Light is to live the Gospel call of holiness. Inspired and sustained by a vowed life in community through prayer and joyful fraternity, the sisters are formed to serve the pastoral needs in the Church’s mission of the New Evangelization. We are called as servants of the Lord to radiate the light of His merciful love and hope through our witness and works of mercy.


In imitation of Mary, our sisters radiate Christ the Light by offering the gift of their spiritual motherhood to nurture God’s life in the hearts of children, families, and people of all ages through works of mercy in service to the Maronite Church, USA.


The sisters live a contemplative prayer life centered on the Eucharist and devoted to Mary as their wholehearted response to God’s merciful love, and as a vital means to nourish them for community life and apostolic service. We live a Maronite liturgical spirituality and asceticism which includes periods of fasting. See “Maronite Faith” for more information on our Syriac Maronite Catholic worship and prayer in the Maronite Church.

Apostolic Service

The sisters serve alongside our priest in various ministries addressing the pastoral needs of our communities:

  • Prayer and Penance for our people
  • Religious Education & Formation
  • Spiritual Direction, Retreats and Conferences
  • Vocation Awareness and Promotion
  • Youth & Young Adult Ministry
  • Spiritual Support for Marriage and Family
  • Visiting the Sick, the Dying, the Grieving
  • Spiritual Pilgrimages

“A mother’s touch, a woman’s touch is life-giving for our families. How can the spiritual family that is the Maronite Church do without it?”

Our Name

Maronite Servants of Christ the Light

  • Maronite the Church we serve, sharing her rich spiritual heritage
  • Servants in imitation of Mary who at the Annunciation called herself the “servant of the Lord”.
  • Christ the Light as a pre-eminent image in our Eastern spirituality;
    Christ enlightens and sanctifies our heart, radiating this love to the world through our communal life of sacrifice, prayer and service.

Mother of the Light Convent, Dartmouth MA

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